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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Time to get serious about fighting smut

The Daily Herald (Provo, Utah) editorialized today about a house bill that would put a heavy tax on Internet porn. The editorial basically said while we need to start fighting this problem, a tax is not the way to do it. They said the most effective way would be requiring these sites to have their own suffix. This seems to be a viable solution and one that would at least protect those who do not want to see that stuff and child safe.

However, the problem is much broader than that. There needs to be a general awareness and intensive information campaign to warn the public of the dangers of pornography. I fear that the effects of this plague will cause incalcuable problems that are impossible to anticipate. People need to know that their lives (and the lives of some around them) could be ruined by this addiction. I think there are few (perhaps no) problems we are currently facing that are so serious.


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