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Friday, March 03, 2006

Cold Welcome in Pakistan

President Bush is facing a very cool reception in Pakistan, a sharp contrast to the one he received in India, Pakistan's rival. Perhaps the people in India realize the importance of having the U.S. as a friend, whereas the Pakistanis are still reeling from the cartoon controversy.

This article shows a picture of Pakistanis burning a U.S. flag. Many (if not all) of these protestors are likely the same people who are outraged by cartoon depictions of their prophet. I realize to Muslims depictions of Muhammed are very disrespectful and more offensive than the burning of a flag, but can't they see that burning a U.S. flag is very disrespectful to us?

Differences will always exist among people on Earth, but we can still coexist if we just have respect for each other. People don't always expect others to agree with everything they say, often just showing respect will do. Blatant acts of disrespect such as flag burning do nothing more than incite more hatred on both sides.


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