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Saturday, July 16, 2005

People behaving badly

News reports are full of the indescretions of others whether they be scandals about Catholic priests or movie stars breaking the law or reality shows with low lifes. These seem to show up more and more often in the media. It is helpful to be informed about some of other peoples' problems, but much of it is all about the media's attempt to improve ratings because they know we love to watch it. WHY? The intuitive reason is that when we hear above others who have bad behaviors, it allows us to justify our own bad behavior and makes us feel better about ourselves. It that is true then the media is taking us down a slipperly slope where we can justify worse and worse behavior. This just emphasizes how we desperately need quality media that "pricks" at people and makes them want to live better, not worse lives. Where are the new Andy Griffith, Little House on the Prarie and Walton shows?


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