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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bush's vacation

I'm a supporter of George Bush. I admire his determination to see things through and his ability to ignore criticism and stick with his principles. I also believe the country is well served by having a president who is a God-fearing man. However, I've been troubled lately by the reports of his five-week vacation, which is one of the longest in history for a president of the United States. I understand that being a president is difficult and he needs time to rest, but five weeks just seems too long. I have to admit that I agree with some of the critics on the left (although I'm conservative) that it's frustrating to see the chief executive take so much time off when the country is facing so many problems. We placed our trust in him by giving him our vote and I wish he would work harder to serve us. Sure it's difficult, but one who aspires to that office cannot expect to take the same breaks that would be afforded the chief executive of just another company. The president should waste and wear out his life in service to his countrymen.


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