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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Media Plays Into Saddam's Hand

Saddam Hussein took the stand for the first time today in his own trial and, predictably, the former dictator went into a diatribe against the court. He also encouraged the Iraqi insurgency to continue fighting. Like sheep, the media played into his hand and Saddam's message was sent repeatedly worldwide. Saddam does not need a public relations firm, the media basically do his work. The insurgency is no doubt encouraged and boistered by Saddam's message.

The media are skilled when interviewing public figures, to sort through the talking points and sound bites and ignore the spin and rhetoric. When they do run with talking points, they analyze them, downplay them, or explain the motivation behind them. Why can't they do that with dictators?

Of course the media has a responsibility to tell the story, but, as I've said before, they should have the greater good in mind and as their primary concern. Instead, their concern is with getting beat by their competitors, and we are worse off because of it.


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