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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

CJR and NY Times coverage of culture

The Columbia Journalism Review criticized the NY Times for its coverage of culture and says it is not much better than some of the other entertainment media and could do much better. CJR recommends the paper, and other media, focus more on the effects of culture than just on the entertainment news. I really like the last paragraph of this article:

"If it did, the Times could help spark a debate about pop culture and its consequences. And that in itself would be healthy. Looming over every discussion of this subject is the threat of censorship. That threat is serious. But contrary to Oliver Stone’s fear, the mere discussion of whether some forms of pop culture hurt society does not constitute censorship. Given its vast influence, the Times, by covering pop culture more fully, could help get a national discussion going. That, in turn, might give entertainment executives new incentives — apart from FCC fines or congressional intervention — to consider the social effects of what they produce."


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