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Saturday, September 17, 2005

NY Times illustrates it’s cluelessness of life outside

We’ve all seen the map of the U.S. as perceived by a New Yorker. Between the Hudson River and California, there’s nothing but wasteland. The NY Times editorial page gave perhaps the quintessential illustration of that view in an editorial today entitled “The Nuclear Waste Site in Utah.” In the piece, the old gray lady says a site only 50 miles from Salt Lake City would be a good place for a nuclear waste storage facility. “The site seems safe enough” they say. Never mind Utahans are concerned about it because the Times says their concern “seems overblown.” Why Utah? The Times doesn’t give much reasoning except for saying it’s “a very conservative state.”

Do you think such a proposed site in the Northeast would illicit language such as “seems safe enough” or “seems overblown” or refer to President Bush derailing a nuclear storage facility near a major city as doing the people there a “favor.” What NYT is really saying is Utah is a good place for nuclear waste because it's a long way from NY and full of conservatives. Get a clue NY Times. If you want to be the national paper of record, you better start realizing there’s life outside of Manhattan.


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