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Friday, November 04, 2005

The Former FEMA chief

When I first heard the criticism of the FEMA chief as Katrina unfolded, I thought perhaps the media was being too hard on him and not realizing the magnitude of the disaster he was dealing with. However, after reading the emails that were sent by his office during the crisis, I'm not as forgiving. There's no doubt he was under an incredible amount of pressure, but the lack of hard work and effort in responding is troubling. I think you still have to give him some benefit of the doubt. Everyone who uses emails knows that flippant emails are sent, even during crisis situations, but it's still troubling to think that everything possible was not done quickly to respond to the disaster.

In a way I feel bad for Michael Brown though. Perhaps he was placed in a position he was not prepared to fill. I hope things still work out for the best for he and his family. It will be tough to recover from the bad publicity.


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