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Sunday, November 13, 2005

A past-due and much needed hearing

Several researchers presented to a Senate committee last week on the impact of pornography on America. I'm convinced that this problem will cause immense, even catostrophic harm in America. Pres. Bush recently warned of the dangers of the bird flu and committed billions to fighting it. However, pornography will cause much more damage to America than this bird flu would, yet we are doing little as a country to fight it. As groups come forward to fight this, we will hear people will mock them saying we have much greater problems in the country to deal with. Those problems are much more visible so they will get the most attention. Hopefully lawmakers will be brave enough to come forward and fight this. Bird flus, wars, hurricanes and economic problems may slow the economic progress of the nation, but pornograpny will (and is) destroy our soul, both as individuals and as a nation. As you destroy the inner strength of people and destroy their ability to care for and love others and create and nuture loving families, you destroy an entire nation.

Hurricane ravaged towns can be rebuilt in months or years, wars end, and pandemics pass, but when you destroy the inner strength and goodness of people, the consequences last for generations.


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