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Saturday, April 08, 2006

How We Undermine Our Creator

Debates about religion and evolution are raging and will surely continue to do so for the forseeable future. This week scientists discovered a fossil they claim is the missing link that explains how life moved from the sea to land. While the discovery is no doubt interesting it is just one piece of the puzzle of the history of the world.

The debate is not just one of physical scientific evidence, but also spiritual evidence as we saw in the debate last week over the recent study out on prayer.

Because I love to look at and ponder the heavens, this week I bought a book called "What's Out There." I'm still waiting for it, but the reviews suggest its images and text are amazing. One of the reviews in the book grabbed my attention and highlighted how differently those who believe in God view the world compared to those who do not:

This close-up look at the workings of the cosmos makes me feel almost euphoric. No offense to religionists, but there's wonder enough in these purely physical phenomena--no creator required. What's Out There does a magnificent job of capturing that wonder in both picture and word. (Fred DuBose)
Mr. DuBose was sensitive enough pardon if he gave any offense, which he did not, but I marvel at his perspective. For me, pondering what is in the universe, with all its magesty and wonder, does not negate the need for a creator, but in fact necessitates the need for a creator.

I believe this debate will never end, until the end. There is room for people who see things both ways, but we will all eventually know there is a Creator and our future is grand.


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