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Friday, May 05, 2006

Cry Me a River

Speaking of America, Jon Stewart recently said:
If it's so blessed, why did God put all of the oil under people who hate us?
Of course, he's a comedian, so he's just joking. Or is he? This statement, joke or not, epitomizes the dangerous attitude some Americans have today about the state of our country. We do have difficulties to work through, but to make statements like this shows gross ingratitude for the wonderful country we live in and the blessed lives we live.

What's most disturbing is that this attitude discounts all the blood, sweat and tears our forebears put into making this country what it is today. We have oil problems now, so cry me a river. Would we trade our situation for that of any other country?

Again, people tell jokes, but let's not let them change our attitude and affect our gratitude for this great land God has blessed us with. Comedians come and go, but America will remain.


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