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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Media Run With Terrorist Audio and Video News Releases

News organizations like to profess their disdain for public relations and any news that is canned. During the past couple of months, there's been discussion about the ethics behind running VNRs. The journalism profession looks down on media outlets that run with press releases and VNRs without showing the other side. Being skeptical is probably a good thing for the news media, but they need to be consistent.

I bring this up because this week the media has run with two audio news releases extensively without even questioning the ethics or harm to America in doing it. First it was Osama bin Ladin's latest audio news release and then that rat in Iraq issued his latest video news release. Isn't it interesting that when our government or reputable organizations provide information to the press it is sliced, diced, discredited and we're left with skimpy sound bites. But if a terrorist wants to deliver a message to the world, the media runs with it like a flock of sheep.

If the media really wants to protect society, as it claims to do, it should be wiser about whom it makes famous and whom it gives a megaphone to the world to. The message so for is, if you do terrible things, that will give you the prominence that will make you worthy for us to take your message to the world.


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