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Friday, May 12, 2006

Ford Promotes Graffiti

In a new advertising campaign for its Focus, Ford is promoting graffiti. (The picture to the left is from an official Ford Web site. Notice how the text glorifies crime) It's too bad that an American institution like Ford would promote anti-social behavior that destroys neighborhoods and leads to worse crimes.

Ford encourages people to "express themselves," a common phrase used by taggers to justify their crime. There are plenty of ways for people to "express themselves" without dirtying neighborhoods with graffiti. It's a bad problem and they're adding to it.

I expect better from Ford. I usually buy American cars to support the U.S. auto industry. I imagine many Americans do the same. We don't appreciate their support of antisocial behavior.

Email Ford and tell them you don't appreciate them encouraging this kind of behavior. While this campaign may help their bottom line (which needs it badly), it leads to graffiti, which hurts your property value.


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