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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Take Advantage of Your "First" Life

I've recently read a few articles and listened to podcasts regarding a Website called Second Life, which is basically a virtual world where you can direct the life of a virtual person, or avatar. The virtual world is so complex that it even has a monetary system where U.S. Dollars can be exchanged for a virtual currency and visa versa.

Some people are reportedly making enough money by setting up virtual businesses in Second Life to quit their real jobs. But most people are attracted to the site because it provides a form of escapism and a life some say is better than their real life. That is unsettling.

It's unclear what these virtual worlds will become, but people should realize that the things they do virtually have an affect on themselves in real life. Perhaps this will evolve into something good, but I think there's too much good to be done in the world to spend your time living a second life and trying to "virtually" gratify yourself.


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